Victoria University Switzerland

Victoria University (VU) was founded by principal academics from the University of Neuchâtel. The school was constituted as a special project of the Neuchâtel Government and the Swiss Canton (State) of Neuchâtel. In 2002, the Singapore Ministry of Education approved the university’s Asia Pacific programs. In year 2004, VU marked the start of a highly successful cooperation with Peking University’s leading academic faculty in Beijing. Today, Victoria University is one of the fastest growing global universities and has a student body of approximately 2,000 students across the globe and an alumni network of more than 18,000 successful alumni.

Victoria University provides a unique opportunity for enhancing individual expertise with an eye on job mobility and new enterprise creation. VU is guided by a key desire to enhance global business alliances and strategy. VU programs cut across countries and regions targeted at business professionals at critical stages of their careers. Students enjoy a genuine cohort experience in an intimate, intensive learning environment. In this world of dynamic changes, VU has the ability to link business leaders with energetic markets. VU emphasizes the development of the participants’ ability to work within a multicultural environment. The school offers participants analytical and problem-solving skills, broad cultural awareness, a relevant curriculum and fantastic learning opportunities. As a result, participants will be able to engage actively both in the global economy and the local marketplace.

At present, the school’s architects are all experienced academics. They originate from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and China. VU faculties have gained their PhDs and taught at the world’s leading business schools. Their research is published in journals, and they consult to the world’s leading companies and organisations.

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Student Testimonial

Erika Yuliana (Indonesia) – BBA 2014 Graduate 

Victoria University is not just a university for me, but also a place to discover new experiences. The University offers great student support and the teaching staffs are always there to help us. Supportive lecturers combined with well-designed courses prepare us so we will be ready for the business environment when we graduate.

With a strong international student community where you can share your experience, I feel very proud to be part of the University and I am sure that other students felt the same as I do. It has been a pleasant time and I am really grateful that I have the chance to finish by BBA degree at Victoria University.